Me Ra & Jen

I often do things out of the blue. Like during my fourth year of college, after three years of cheer leading, I joined the track team because the coach asked me to learn to pole vault. A few years before that, I didn’t hesitate when asked to go skydiving. I hate to miss an opportunity. And even though I took the opportunity to apply, I was stunned when I became a recipient of  Me Ra Koh’s 2009 SOAR! scholarship. I have always loved photo journalistic photography. My parents owned a book, “A Day in the Life of America” and I aimed, at age 7, after receiving my first polaroid, aimed to capture a “summer in the life of my family.”

But in my mind, photography never went further.

So, you couldn’t have convinced me that one day, I'd be mentored by an internationally-celebrated photographer and I’d own

jen armstrong photography...

The SOAR! scholarship was a journey into so much more than f-stops and great light. The journey was a spiraled course headed straight for the soul of me! Me Ra had a challenging line up for us: photography, business, self-reflection exercises, and I was forced to expose a lot. But I did so in the company of the two other recipients [and my dear friends], Linda and Lindsay. Together, we opened up to an unbelievable community of women and were grateful for both our business coaches and Me Ra’s guidance. The result is, I now own a business I love, but even more, my husband and babies have a better wife and mama. From the bottom of my heart, Me Ra, I thank and love you.

My work is building relationships...

most importantly, with my people: a handsome singer/songwriter husband, and three of the most gorgeous babes you've ever seen. I married Michael in 2002 and our children were born in 2006, 2007, 2008. In 2010, we were surprised with a "different" birth. 
In 2010, jen armstrong photography was born.

And then my work included building relationships with you... telling the world about you, through my camera, is one of my favorite ways to spend my time.

When I'm not with you, these things are true...

I love being near my people. I love family traditions and I love my friends. I love to eat out and I love to cook. I love second chances. I love acoustic guitars and I love black, gospel choirs. I love Texas and I love to travel. I love the champion and I love the underdog. I love music. I love anything natural and I love box mac n cheese. I love the front porch and I love box seats. I love baseball. I love to drink from a wine glass and I love to drink from a mason jar. I love cowboy boots and I love ballet flats. I love to hear, “mama!” and I love nap time. I love dancing.

-and finally- I do not consider this MY business. These are not MY pictures. This is not MY art. It was all given to me by the One who creates all things. It was given and I’m thankful for it, every day, until, and after it is gone.

{In this and in everything Jesus, thank you}